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Introducing Mele's Gifts & Party Planning: Where Every Gift Tells a Story of Love and Happiness!


Founded in 2019 with a heart full of passion and a vision to spread joy, Mele's Gifts & Party Planning is more than just a business—it's a beacon of warmth and celebration in our community.


At Mele's, we believe that every gift has the power to evoke smiles, create memories, and touch hearts. That's why we pour our soul into every creation, infusing each piece with a touch of love and a sprinkle of magic.


From handcrafted bouquets to meticulously curated gift baskets, and beautifully adorned party venues, our creations are designed to bring people together in moments of pure joy and gratitude. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, graduation, or anniversary, Mele's Gifts & Party Planning is here to make your celebrations unforgettable.


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She is the Greatest! Planning ideas for any occasion and very thoughtful and kind. She does an amazing job of keeping in touch, follow-up calls are amazing. Makes planning so much easier and her gift ideas are just as great as her planning. Prices are affordable and the gifts always look like a lot of love was put into it.

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She's amazing and very polite. Baskets are nice and reasonably price. My kids love the baskets. And I just love her work.She can do a wide ramge of different themes amd and styles. I recommend her 100% for event planning and gifts.

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Great gift’s and she even takes special request.


Jarmele E. Fairclaugh  |  | (412) 877-2480 | 5471 Kincaid Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206  

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